Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stop Saying SEO is Dead!


  1. This post is a good read. Too many sites offering SEO advice tend to lose the reader in too many superfluous details or just inaccurate advice. These same sites typically are reposts of the same flawed material.

    "SEO has always been about useful, intuitive, relevant and authoritative content."

    Yes, Agreed. Keeping this in mind is an excellent grounding point for those of us responsible for our own SEO, content and online marketing.

    Attempting to keep up with the latest marketing trends or pretending to have a clue what Google search algorithm is doing is not practical for most of us. The authors quote helps put a simple perspective on what is important.

    Bill Gates said it back 1996 – Content is King.

    Thanks Chris for the good read!!
    Josh Sterling

    1. Hey Josh - Thanks for stopping by! Yes, there is indeed a huge "I told you so" going on in the SEO/inbound marketing world right now. Keep up the great work on your site!